Friday, 4 May 2012

Mermaid Nerrissa!

My new custom doll!

Full name: Nerrissa Ondine or Neris-chan

.Age:16Birthplace: -Blood type: -Height: 156cm

Family: not yet revealed

Favourite Colour: pastel colors.
Favourite animal: Fugu fish

Favourite hobbies: Singing, swiming... Favourite food: jelly


Her story: She was a princess in a far away kingdom below the sea but one day a big storm sends her in an unknown place were strange beings with no tales appeared... At first she was scared but then she was very curious about them and started to observe them. She searched for her family but she couldn’t find them so the only company for her were those weird people with no tale...


This is a custom volks doll by me.

I rooted her hair
and made her tale(the hole outfit).



More pics of her:

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