Friday, 11 May 2012


New custom doll.

Chi means blood in japanese... did you know?  I love how the eyes came out... 
 Well about her character...
First, she is Sakura-chan sister.       
  She is a very distant person and she doesnt talk too much...
  She likes to draw a lot. But her paintings are not usual. When you look at them you feel that they are places and things from another world.
See the pic down to understand what i mean.
   She has this sad  yet nostalgic look on her eyes when shes painting like the places she is drawing were her home in the past..

She met Sakura recently and she now lives with her...

Her past is a mistery to all because she dosent talk about it.

Other photos:

This is something like the  paintings Chi-chan draws.
The painting is by LAF Art.


  1. I love her backstory, it makes her very interesting! :O And I like how her name's meaning shows in her eyes, very good! :3

    1. Thanks a lot! When I finished all my dolls will make stories about them..