Saturday, 12 May 2012

Box opennings 1:


My order from Hobby link arrived!

                                                                                                                          Mai-chan and her sis are trying to open the huge box!


                   A lot of thinks arrived! Yea!

                 So now I need to paint 4 more heads! PN cute hands!

                 I love the clothes I bought! This Alice-like dress was very pricey!
        This obitsu stand is very cheap(4$ I think) and it is the best for your dolls!
       Mai-chan: Oh, a lot of clothes! but Mio I dont see something for you...
       Mio-chan: I want cute gifts too!

Mai-chan trying her outfits!


  1. The red hair looks fantastic, can't wait to see it :3

    1. Actually I will make Makise Kurisu from the anime Stains Gate.