Thursday, 29 March 2012

Welcome to my dream blog!

Lost in dollies world!


Wht is this blog?

This is a blog for 1/6 japanese dolls. Like obitsu ,azone, volks dolls....

What's so fantastic about this blog?

What's interestng in this blog is that you can find tutorials, ideas on how to make your own custom doll, even beautiful OOAK custom dolls to buy and many many more!!!

Why do you like so much Japanese dolls?

 What I love about anime-like dolls is that I can make every character I want in 3D and then take photos in lots of poses. 

What kind of people are welcomed here?

Everyone of course! There is nothing more exciting than new members in the hobby!

Yeah, all that is very nice, but who are you?

My name is Lena-chan and you can find me on my devianart: where I have already posted many photos of my dolls!


  1. How long does it take you to create a new doll and how high are the costs involved?

    1. It takes me to paint the face about 3-6 hours(depends on the character I want to make). Then I am buying the body and the wig that cost roughly:
      Then you can buy or make your own clothes to add the finishing touches.
      Clothing cost prices can range from 6-45$ depending on what clothes you want for your character.