Saturday, 31 March 2012


Mai-chan sister or new Mai-chan


She was made to be sold but when I finished her I thought that she would fit my caracter Mai-chan better. So I am keeping her and I am going to sell th old Mai-chan( I love her too!She is beautiful but I have to sell somethig. I hope she finds a good new home, Please help!)

So the new Mai-chi:

This is a custom obitsu head/doll doll by me.I painted her face with liquitex acrylics and used msc to seal it.

Her character has changed a litle:       


Full name: Mashiro Mai
Birthplace: Asaka
Blood type: A+
Height: 154cm
Family: one big sis.(Reira-chan)

Favourite Colour: white and pink
Favourite animal: Kitty
Favourite hobbies: reading manga, playing the violin, photography, shopping, and daydreaming.
Favourite food: Cakes

This is Mashiro Mai or Mai-chan. She is desribed as polite, shy, extremely kind and very cute. Every one likes her and love to listen to her playing the violin. She plays the violin since being very little.
She enjoys nature and you will she her taking photos all the time and daydreaming at the view. She is very shy with guys(almost cant talk to them) and that's the reazon they want her more.


Mai-chi in the past

obitsu body:

Mai-chan Now

pure neemo body: 

                Some comparisons between obitsu and pure neemo body on Mai:

              Obitsu:                                                                             Pureneemo:

I personally prefer the pure neemo body on her better because it is more feminine and realistic.


  1. I agree, I prefer the new one, too. Her blue dress is very cute and I love her little rock-outfit :3